Greens can do so much good for the human body. The range of benefits is never-ending. It’s always advised that you prepare your daily meals with a bountiful supply of them.


When you’re going out to eat, instead of ordering barbeque pork with cheesy mashed potatoes and extra gravy, you can order a salad with a little less gravy and you can still have your chunks of barbeque pork on top. But maybe you’re not much of a restaurant-goer and you like to eat at home. You can get your just about any supermarket or grocery store of your choice or you can grow your greens at your home.


When we said at your home, we actually meant in your home – like in your kitchen, right under your counter! Yes, it’s possible.


There is an appliance called the Urban Cultivator that lets you do that. All you need is a 110 power source, about the same under-counter space as a dishwasher and a 3/8 inch water connection. It looks like a wine cooler and has four growing flats that allows for you to grow your greens. All you need to do is plant the seeds and the appliance does the rest, by supplying the little under-counter ecosystem with sufficient air, water, light and temperature. Urban Cultivator offers you 26 varieties of seeds (including basil, lettuce and kale), but you can use your own.


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