Are you building or remodeling your Kingston home? Have you thought about having a home that is eco-friendly? Not sure how to do this? Here are some innovative ideas that you can try:

  • Move bedrooms to a lower level. What happen is that the living space and roof deck clear the canopy of trees, while the sleeping areas are shaded by the leaves and feel more private.
  • Save trees and trim your energy bill. Trees provide shade that keeps the house cool, so the less tree you can cut down when building the better.
  • Opt for one-room living. You can have your living area separated by glass walls, this way you use less material to build.
  • Put windows to work. Angled windows can allow maximum light to come in and glass panels at the base of the windows can open to let wind pass through, eliminating air-conditioning needs.
  • Make use of Mother Nature. When building have as many windows included in the design or if you can, cut some new windows when remodeling. This lets more breeze into the house even on hot days.
  • Go low VOC. This basically means you should try using paints that release low levels of toxicity into the atmosphere.
  • Choose durable materials. Get materials that are strong, low maintenance, resistant to pests and water.

With eco-friendly homes you get all the comfort and convenience that come with the conventional homes and are just as durable. Maintaining them is a lot cheaper in comparison to conventional homes because the energy efficiency is much better. However, eco-friendly homes have the disadvantage of the high initial investment hat has to be made but this will definitely pay off in the long run.