A small house or room can be a challenging area to decorate. If you know much about color, you would know that different colors can affect the way you perceive a room. That’s why we want you to make the best color choices for the small space you want to color. We’re not only talking about paint, we’re talking about furniture and accessories too.


Here are some tips that will help you to stay on the right track with this complex coloring and small room issue.

  1. Choose Sharp Colors – You can really expand a space by using very distinct colors. Sharp, bright colors are great for this.


  1. Use Unexpected Accents – Put a splash of color in a place where it is least expected. It will add interest to the area.


  1. Make A Focal Wall – Bold colors, even darker colors, on a wall, can do so much for a small space, by making it look larger.


  1. Add Shades Of Color To Connect Spaces – Different shades of a color can unite various rooms, just like different wall colors can separate different areas in a space.


  1. Add Excitement To The Kitchen – Kitchens are always a great place to use color. You can be really bold about kitchen color.


  1. Add Interest To The Bathroom – Don’t be afraid to use bold colors or designs in your small bathroom.


  1. VAMP! – Specialty techniques and faux finishes add a lot of personality to small room.


  1. Traveling Color – Like we said, you don’t have to paint it. You can use moveable, colorful pieces to add interest to the small area.


  1. Stripe It – Stripes are definitely an eye catcher. Try painting some on a wall and see how much depth and interest it adds to the place.


  1. Yes, You Can Use Black – Never forget to add something black. A black object really seems to ground the place and clarify all the other colors you may have used in the space.


Never forget to experiment, so that you’ll know which techniques work best for you and your small area. If you are looking for a custom home in Kingston, we can help build your dream home with our custom home building solutions and stunning designs for your next home in Kingston. If you’re thinking about doing some interior decorating, look no further – Custom Homes Kingston is here for you!