So you’ve built your dream home, it’s pretty much everything you’ve wanted – it’s perfect. The design is 100% in your book, you can visualize it all coming together just like you wanted. The next big step is the last and final one too (and it’s probably the whole point of building your dream home in the first place). It’s time to move in!


Although it isn’t part of the actual home-building process, it’s just as important. Here are a few reminders when you’re about to get moving.


We know that you’ll need to move the furniture and appliances in, but do that AFTER you do all the painting and varnishing, etc. You don’t want paint spots splattered all over your new couch, now do you? Yes, you can cover your furniture, but take it from the experts – it will make life a whole lot easier if you do the painting first.


Also, don’t have your moving-in date set in stone. What if there’s really bad weather? What if the movers have a hold up? What if you’re unable to move all your belongings inside in one day? You don’t want to disappoint yourself and your family too much. We recommend that you take your time and things will run more smoothly.


It can be really stressful, but the feeling you get once it’s complete, is undeniably blissful! All you have to do is remember the goal, the end-result, what you’ve been building this beautiful home for in the first place!


We believe that having a home is one of the most important aspects of one’s life. It’s an investment that will benefit you and your family in the future. Do you want that custom home designed for each owner individually or from your own, private stock of designs? Are you looking for a one-of-a-kind and typically upscale home, with luxury upgrades and unique architectural designs?


If you are looking for a custom home in Kingston, we can help build your dream home with our custom home building solutions and stunning designs for your next home in Kingston. If you’re thinking about doing some interior decorating, look no further – Custom Homes Kingston is here for you!


Let us make your dreams come through, by building you the home that’ll help you create life-long memories with your family.