Designing your dream home and wondering if you should add a skylight to it? They’re actually quite popular lately. Lots of homeowners have them and lots of upcoming homeowners want them.


Skylights do what their name implies – they give you light from the sky. You can get an adequate supply of natural light entering your home from it, to help brighten up the room and the mood. That’s a good way to help you cut down on the use of electricity.


On the other hand, mainly because of the materials that are used to construct them, the traditional skylights can cause a problem with escaping heat in the winter and incoming heat in the summer. The standard material used for skylights was plastic, but manufacturers have upgraded to glass. Glass is much more durable than plastic, it will not discolor over time and it has better thermal transfer properties. Still, there are even more innovative techniques that come with these new and improved skylight designs.


Modern skylights have glass that has been optimized by the integration of specialized tints and glazes. They help the glass block out heat without blocking out light. The glass itself is so thick that you rarely have heat escaping during the winter. They have also been tempered and laminated to help them resist damage related to impact – they’re less likely to shatter when something hits them.


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